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Home Physiotherapy

Pain in the back or a muscle pull? Other than the daily dose of medicines which the general physician will suggest in such cases, getting physiotherapy done is one of the best ways to help your body parts heal; slowly but as close to the original shape/condition. Be it for the elderly or for young mothers, Medfind gladly offers physiotherapy services at home for one and all.

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Types of Physiotherapy we offer

  • Manual Chest Physiotherapy (CPT) to clear the mucus
  • Physiotherapy wax bath to ease stiffness in joints
  • Strengthening and balancing exercises for old people
  • Physiotherapy for patients with chronic diseases like cerebral palsy and moto-neuron diseases
  • Physiotherapy for people who're into sports to enhance their performance and treat any injuries
  • Pre natal and post natal physiotherapy

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Who Is It For?

  • People with age related issues like pain, joint stiffness, etc.
  • Young mothers who've just given birth to a baby and require therapy 
  • Patients suffering from extensive congestion should opt for chest physiotherapy to help cough out mucus 
  • Patients who require Post surgical rehabilitation assistance
  • People with musculoskeletal diseases who require regular therapy to ease out daily tasks

Sahil's Story

“I am an avid football player and play tournaments on a regular basis. Two months ago, I twisted my ankle on the field in the finals of a tournament. I was immediately rushed to the emergency room as the pain was unbearable. The doctor did an X-ray and told that I had broken my ankle. He strictly recommended a bed rest of 2 months. After a month, when my plaster was taken off, my coach recommended Medfind's physiotherapy services to my parents. We decided to go ahead with it. The physiotherapist came twice a day – 10am in the morning and 5pm in the evening and each session lasted for almost half an hour. The physiotherapist was friendly and very considerate. He helped me recover within 1 month after my plaster was taken off."

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Why Medfind?

Our physiotherapists, work with immense dedication to heal the patients as early as possible.

  • Years of experience and proven record of healing patients at their homes
  • Well-versed with the latest technology and equipment
  • Highly professional and punctual

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